What to expect on a wildlife safari in Tanzania.

Unlock the heart of safari with Benson Safaris. Discover Tanzania's vibrant landscapes, from golden savannas to lush forests, capturing the essence of nature at its untouched best. With experienced guides and diverse accommodations, immerse in captivating game drives, witness Africa's active wildlife, and embrace warm cultural encounters. Experience an unforgettable journey tailored just for you. Contact us at info@bensonsafaris.com.

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The word safari comes from the Swahili language, meaning ‘a journey’ and is the root of the verb ‘to travel’ in this East African language. By nature, safaris usually mean lengthy game drives. Guests can expect to spend anywhere from 6-8 hours in a safari car for animal viewing, especially in parks where they may not be permitted to exit the vehicle except in designated areas.

Tanzania is blessed with a widely diverse ecosystem that ranges from golden savannas and plains to mountains and forests to waterfalls and walled cities to islands that offer a tropical paradise of exquisite proportions. In a typical safari, you will be able to witness a glorious display of these landscapes. You will be able to drive through rough roads, some almost impassable during certain times, and you will be able to enjoy striking natural scenery throughout.

Photographers of all walks – professionals and amateurs alike – continually choose Tanzania for amazing nature photographs. Capture photos of African plains that seem to stretch on forever, get an up-close shot of brilliant weaver birds constructing their nest in a thorny acacia tree, or some of Africa’s famous big cats like cheetahs or serval cats, prowling and stalking prey in the long, dry grasses. Photos taken while on safari in Tanzania are excellent, even without high-quality photography equipment because the scenery here is so vibrant and wildlife is so active.

Benson safaris guides will take you through some of the most scenic places and great spots to watch the wild game, perfect for animal sightings.

In Tanzania, visitors can truly see nature at its finest, untouched state away from human habitat. We carefully select safari guides who are experienced in the field and have in-depth knowledge of the land, animals, and history. Your safari experience will be both memorable and informative. All around, you will learn about the incredible features of nature, and the behavior of Africa’s animals, in a fun and engaging way.

Accommodations ranging from hotels, villas, and lodges to tented camps offer beautiful swimming pools, spas to pamper your soul, and outdoor fire pits for nights under the stars. Rooms are spacious, often with private balconies or verandas for further relaxation and breathtaking views. When done with game drives you will get a chance to meet the indigenous people who are very warm and welcoming, they will greet you with Jambo (Hello) and welcome you with Karibu a Swahili word for welcome, you will feel embraced and immersed in the culture on the first encounter. To experience Tanzania engagingly and unforgettably email us at info@bensonsafaris.com and we will be more than glad to tailor you an experience you will forever cherish.


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