The magical islands of Zanzibar with Benson Safaris.

Zanzibar is the ultimate Indian Ocean experience, with its fascinating history, incredible nature, enchanting sunset, and magnificent beaches, altogether embraced by the scent of exotic spices. If you are looking for a peaceful yet active escape, it is the perfect place for a tropical beach holiday or to relax and unwind after a busy game-viewing safari.

Conquer Kilimanjaro: Your Ultimate Adventure with Benson Safaris Tanzania

Marangu route 7 Days

Embark on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime – summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro with Benson Safaris Tanzania. Our seasoned guides expertly lead you on seven renowned routes, ensuring acclimatization for a triumphant ascent. Witness awe-inspiring sunrises, conquer altitude challenges, and bask in the glory of Uhuru Peak. Dare to dream, conquer Kilimanjaro, and create lasting memories with us.

The underrated Tarangire National Park

Discover the hidden gem of Tarangire National Park with Benson Safaris Tanzania. Away from the Serengeti’s crowds, Tarangire offers exclusivity. Witness vast baobabs, diverse wildlife, and 550 bird species. Experience more than drives – choose walking safaris to embrace nature’s sights and sounds. Interact with locals, delve into Maasai culture, and thrill birdwatchers with varied species. Complete your day with dining at Elewana Treetops and unforgettable sunset views at Sunset Hill.

Twitcher’s Paradise: Bird Watching Safari in Tanzania’s Wilderness

Embark on a birding safari in Tanzania, a paradise with 1125 bird species. From Lake Manyara’s diverse inhabitants to Ngorongoro’s unique species, Tarangire’s lush habitats to Rubondo Island’s forests, explore East Africa’s rich avian life. Best during November to April, witness migratory visitors in breeding plumage and make memories in the wild.

Making Memories: Exclusive Family Safari Tours by Benson Safaris

10 Day Best Of Kenya Safari

Embark on family safaris with Benson for a tailored blend of adventure and relaxation. Enjoy private departures, flexible itineraries, and expert guidance. Witness majestic wildlife, from lions to elephants, in their natural habitat. Immerse in cultural encounters with Maasai and Hadazbe tribes. Experience the magic of Tanzania, stress-free, with handpicked accommodations and seamless arrangements. A family journey you’ll cherish.

Discover the Charm & Beauty of Arusha “The Geneva of Africa”

Explore Arusha: Your Gateway to Tanzania’s Safari Marvels. From vibrant markets and cultural gems to Tanzanite treasures and outdoor escapades, Benson Safaris offers a tailored city tour. Shop at Maasai Market, marvel at The Tanzanite Experience, or paddle Lake Duluti. Discover coffee culture and Kili golf vistas. Arusha, your portal to Northern Circuit wonders.

What to expect on a wildlife safari in Tanzania.

Unlock the heart of safari with Benson Safaris. Discover Tanzania’s vibrant landscapes, from golden savannas to lush forests, capturing the essence of nature at its untouched best. With experienced guides and diverse accommodations, immerse in captivating game drives, witness Africa’s active wildlife, and embrace warm cultural encounters. Experience an unforgettable journey tailored just for you. Contact us at

Journey with the Herds: Witnessing the Great Migration with Benson Safaris

Serengeti National Park

Embark on an unparalleled journey with Benson Safaris to witness the awe-inspiring Great Migration. As over a million animals traverse the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, our meticulously designed itineraries immerse you in this dramatic spectacle. Experience the circle of life, where predators hunt and new life emerges. Join us for an unforgettable adventure, synced with nature’s rhythm.

Why Tanzania is hands down the best travel destination in Africa.

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

Uncover the allure of Tanzania as Africa’s premier travel destination. With Kilimanjaro’s grandeur, Serengeti’s majesty, and Zanzibar’s magic, Benson Safaris crafts journeys of unmatched comfort and adventure. Explore diverse cultures, iconic wildlife, and pristine landscapes. Experience Africa’s finest, where captivating hospitality meets awe-inspiring beauty. Choose Tanzania for unforgettable memories that define exceptional travel