Mount Hanang

Located in Northern Tanzania in the Manyara region, Mount Hanang is the fourth tallest mountain in Tanzania standing at 3,418 metres high and is one of the least known.

The area surrounding Mount Hanang is used for farming and is home to two major ethic groups; the Barbaig and the Iraqw. Both tribes offer a wealth of culture and the Barbaig women are often seen in goatskin skirts while the men dress in black cloth and carry spears. Likewise, the Iraqw people are usually seen wearing colourful kangas. It is also an ideal place for bird watching with over 400 species being recorded.

Mount Hanang can be climbed in one day (9-10 hours) however we recommend a two day trek as this allows you more time to acclimatise which will give you a greater chance of reaching the summit and giving you more time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.