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Benson Safaris Team Frank

I appriciate working with Benson Safaris Tanzania of our long time experience and making the Impossible possible! Furthermore we are supporting our local community and suppliers by each booking.

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Benson Safaris Team Jacob

Our team is extraordinary knowledgeable, young and with a truly passion for wildlife and nature. I appriciate that we are locally owned, authentic and our attentation to detail!

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Benson Safaris Team Dickson

I want to share my undivided passion for the mountains of Tanzania with our cients – every hike is a special hike! Benson Safaris Tanzania let me grow in a local-family atmosphere where I can live my passion and where we can get supported by each other!

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Benson Safaris Team Paul

I believe that it is my duty to contribute to our company my more than 20 years of experience as a safari guide and to let our young colleagues benefit from my indispensable knowledge about wildlife, nature and cultures.

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Benson Safaris Team Liberatus

I love the diversity of cultures in our company and to show our clients the Tanzanian culture – every day I am personally growing with them.

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Benson Safaris Team Michael

With Benson Safaris Tanzania I get the opportunity to work in a local-family environment where my personal goals are encouraged. I have a great passion for nature and the German language.

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Benson Safaris Team Kessy

I like the positive and appreciative cooperation in our team. Everyone has the same goal to show our clients the best of our beautiful country and make their vacation to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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