Benson Safaris Tanzania – Education for a girl

Benson Safaris Tanzania - Education for a girl

Benson Safaris Tanzania – Education for a girl


Benson Safaris – Education for a girl: We believe that every child has the right to an education and Benson, together with a handful of past travellers, are proudly sponsoring a girl child in her primary and secondary education.


Joy was born in a rural village located on the outskirts of Moshi, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Abandoned by her Father as a young child, Joy’s Mother is HIV positive and her future looked bleak.


Living on less than $1.25 USD a day and without money to provide an education, Joy attended a local Government school which was under-staffed, under-resourced and over-populated producing poor educational outcomes for students. Being a girl child, Joy would have been forced to leave school at an early age due to poverty and social pressures and begin manual work to assist the family financially and the cycle of poverty would have continued.


In 2009, Benson and a few clients began sponsoring Joy in her primary education and she moved from a local Government school in rural Moshi to a boarding school located in Arusha. In 2016, Joy completed her first year of secondary school and is thriving.


In addition to paying for Joy’s school fees, we also pay for her uniform, school shoes and bag, textbooks, stationary including notebooks and pens, personal items such as soap and sanitary pads and medical care.


Joy will complete her secondary education in 2021 and we are always looking for additional sponsors to assist with Joy’s educational costs. 100% of all monies donated goes directly to Joy’s education and our goal is to have enough sponsors and money to sponsor another child in their education.


If you are interested in sponsoring Joy (or an additional child) in their education please email Benson directly at